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Siliguri is a well-known hill station on the way to Darjeeling, Sikkim, or Bhutan. It also serves as a gateway for all visitors traveling to Darjeeling. If you are an adventurer, you must explore this beautiful location. if you want a bike rental Siliguri has a great deal for your trip.

The place is full of natural beauties, and beside these there are some beautiful religious places that one should visit. It also offers tea gardens, wildlife sanctuaries, and many other places to visit besides religious sites. Any visitor can be attracted by this beautiful location. To explore all of these beautiful locations, one must rent a bike to make their trip more convenient. You can also rent a scooter online if you wish. If you want to collect some memorable moments in Siliguri, you must query about bike rental in Siliguri, and you will find a list of many bike rental companies. Rent2Rider is one such platform that offers all of these features. You merely need to go to Rent2Rider’s website and search for the location you’re visiting. Our services are available in that area. Simply complete the paperwork and select the two-wheeler of your choosing. We believe in making our customers’ trips more enjoyable and exciting. Rent2Rider is always trying to give a lot of happiness to its customers by providing the best possible services.


While you are planning to spend your vacation in Siliguri, think about the transportation in Siliguri. You must inquire about bike rental in Siliguri, and you will find a list of many bike rental companies. Rent2Rider is one of the most reputable bike rental companies in Siliguri. We are always trying to give a lot of happiness to our customers by providing the best possible services. We have a large quantity of stock with different varieties of motorbikes including the Himalayan 411, Honda Hornet 160, Classic 500, Xpulse 200, Activa 110 and so on. The condition of these bikes is well maintained. Rent2Rider is providing the bikes at a reasonable rate. Apart from these, we are also providing a free trip guide to make your journey easier. Royal Riders adapts to people from all walks of life. They require a unified method of ensuring that all riders from all categories enjoy their tours to the fullest because of the next man. They are very attentive, considerate, and entertaining, to name a few qualities. So, if you’re looking for some excitement and adventure, they might be a good option. Book your trip with the best bike rental in Siliguri.


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Many people believe that when they plan a trip, they are thinking of hiring a cab to visit numerous locations. However, there are several drawbacks to car rental. For example, with a cab, one cannot stop anywhere; with it, one cannot go anywhere as all the roads may not necessarily be for cars, and finally, it is highly expensive to visit each and every location. However, the bike rental in Siliguri, on the other hand, is relatively more suitable for most of the visitors. With a bike, you can go anywhere and stay anywhere you wish. While some of the routes will take your breath away with beautiful landscapes, others will immerse you in their culture through traditional dishes and art forms. There are many motorcycle-friendly routes that anyone who can ride a motorcycle will take, as well as some adventurous and tricky routes for daring bikers.

While it is important to plan your route ahead of time for your bike trip from Siliguri, the best way to truly experience the tour is to not completely plan it and be spontaneous in some places. One of the most significant advantages of taking a road trip on a motorcycle is increased accessibility. Even the smallest cars cannot fit into tight spaces or go places that motorcycles can. This facilitates highway travel, parking, and overall maneuverability. It makes it impossible to take a detour, see the sights, or even have a chance when you need one. Traveling by motorcycle puts you on your own schedule, which can change at any time. Motorcycles from the best bike tour companies make it simple to venture off the beaten path. Assume you come across a street that leads to somewhere interesting or a signpost that points to a peculiar landmark. In a word, you can explore the beautiful scenery in a better way.


Rent2Rider is a well-known bike rental company in Siliguri because we provide customers with a diverse range of travel-friendly bikes to rent. It is always a good idea to look into the various plans available through our bike rental service. The best part is that there are no hidden fees, and we always offer discounted pricing and flexible schedules. Still, there are several reasons to choose us, and those are listed below.

bike rental in Siliguri

Easy to use

Booking through Rent2Rider is so simple. The user interface is simple to use. You can also call the number provided on the website if you are unable to book through the website.

Trustworthy services

Honesty and trustworthiness are our first priorities. We all know that trust is the foundation of all relationships. As a result, we keep everything as clear as water.

Bike at a very reasonable rate

Rent2Rider ensures that customers can enjoy their bike rides without incurring a financial burden. We have flexible plans to provide bike rentals. For various periods, various models of bikes and scooters are always available. Customers can select the most generous packages based on their needs and continue to enjoy everything. We make certain that customers can select the most luxurious bikes with reasonable prices that are also travel-friendly.

Luxurious bike collection

You may have several reasons for visiting and exploring Siliguri. Rent2Rider addresses customer concerns and ensures that customers can afford to stay with us. You might be looking forward to renting Royal Enfield, Himalayan, or Avenger bikes. All models are available for rent with us, allowing you to enjoy every aspect of your trip to Siliguri and create lifelong memories.

Travel friendly & Well maintained Bikes

We have a set schedule for bike repairs and maintenance. This means you never have to be concerned about anything. Our team will regularly maintain the bikes, resulting in an excellent outcome. We keep the bike up to date so that customers can concentrate on having fun while traveling.

Coverage over a large area

Rent2Rider provides bikes to its customers to explore the northern part of India, starting from Siliguri to Darjeeling to Sikkim, or to any place he or she may go as per his or her wish.

24x7 availability

Rent2Rider is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, you can book and return the bike at any time.

Best customer services

When you have any doubts or questions in your mind during travel, you can always get in touch with our team. We have the best customer care department to assist you. Therefore, you should feel free to ask us anything.

Other benefits

Apart from the foregoing, we also offer free trip guidance to make your journey more enjoyable. We also provide various information regarding important tourist spots in Siliguri, Darjeeling, and so on. Our services are extremely dependable, and we have received the highest ratings and the most positive feedback from previous customers.

Are you still deciding whether you should rent a bike in Siliguri? Please do not hesitate to select us and proceed to Rent2Rider. We promise that we will make your journey full of joy and happiness so that you can spend your valuable time, which will remain with you forever.


The booking process is so simple. You only need to go through the Rent2Rider website and search for your destination. Then you can make your reservation. This is the best option for your trip. Rent2Rider makes everything simple and user-friendly. Offline booking is also available, just make a phone call to us. Our website includes a phone number. Rent2Rider provides an excellent option for two-wheeler drop-off and pick-up. You only need to tell us where & when you want to go, and we will do the rest. We understand that our customers do not want to waste their valuable time on document verification, so our booking process is very simple. You only need to submit a photo, your driver’s license, and proof of identification, and you’re about to go! We also inspect our two-wheelers before delivering them to customers. It is also advised that you do this properly. We ensure that our two-wheelers are fit for a long journey and safe for our customers. Our top priority is your safety. We are always there for you in the event of any emergency, such as a bike breakdown or mechanical error. You only need to contact our technical support team, and they will undoubtedly assist you.



Can I rent a two-wheeler the day before my trip?

Obviously, you can book any time, even on the same day of your journey. Rent2Rider provides all kinds of facilities to make you happy during your vacation.

What is the age limit for hiring bikes in Siliguri?

The person’s age should be at least 18 when booking a bike.

Do I need to show any documents to get the bike on rent?

You just need to carry a valid driving license along with an identity card.

Is the price inclusive of fuel?

All prices do not include fuel. We supply only enough petrol to get the vehicle to the closest fuel station. If there is an excess of fuel in the vehicle at the time of return, Rent2Rider is not responsible for any refunds.

Would I get helmet with a bike on rent?

Rent2Rider gives one free helmet with each bike rental. A second helmet can be provided for an additional fee of INR 50 per day.

What is the pickup & drop timetable for bike rent on Rent2Rider?

Our office hours are Monday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. You can book in any time during office hours. Rent2Rider, on the other hand, can make changes based on your situations.

Where do I need to call to book my trip bikes on phone?

To book your trip bikes on rent you can either book it through our website, call, and email, our customer support number: +91-7477309217, or email

How much money do I have to pay before renting a bike in Siliguri from Rent2Rider?

You just need to deposit the caution money (₹ 1000) which is completely refundable. The bike rental fees can be paid in advance or later, as you wish.

Is it safe to ride a motorcycle from Siliguri to Darjeeling & Gangtok?

Yes, but this completely depends on your driving skills. One thing we can say based on our experience is that the roads are well maintained and you can ride nicely with lots of enjoyment.

What is the procedure for hiring a bike?

You can reserve your two-wheeler rental on our website or by calling our customer service number: +91-7477309217.

What kinds of bikes are available for rent?

All available bikes along with description is clearly mentioned on the Rent2Rider website.

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